The formation of Support and Educate South Sudanese Orphans Organization (SESSO) was a result of inspiration from Mr. Gabriel Malok Maluak. He was orphaned at a tender age. Having his parents all dead, he went to Kakuma Refugee Camp where he enrolled in Kenya primary school education. Due to difficulties faced in Kakuma Refugee Camp, he left Kakuma for Uganda where he completed his secondary education. He returned to Kenya and joined Moi University where he successfully graduated with Bachelor of Science in Physiotherapy. During his education journey, Mr. Maluak could not have made it without the support of Eng. Erin Knesek, Mr Jason and Rev. Jacob Guot who made his dream come true. 



The core of supporting orphans is to empower them through education so

that they become in independent citizens with potential of supporting other vulnerable groups in the country. It is a right of every child to be given education. We as SESSO recognized education as a permanent solution to South Sudan.


The life struggle that orphans undergo always make them fall victims of child abuse as they struggle to get food, shelter, education, and health products or services. We do and we shall always continue to advocates for the right of orphans and every child through community leaders.


South Sudan as a war torn country has a very big numbers of orphans and so as an organization (SESSO), we decided to work together with South Sudanese communities in improving the living conditions of orphans as a team. It won’t be sustainable to confine orphans in orphanages in a country


Every human being needs a sounding health status to function and so health is a very important aspect of human live. We therefore strive to improve and maintain the health of orphans, vulnerable groups and communities in our areas of operations.


In serving the best interest of orphans, we serve the best interest of all humanity (Matt 25:34-40). Having lost both my parents at tender age (3 years), I went through all odds of orphaned life. My two parents were helplessly murdered by the Arabs in Juba during the North-Southern Sudan civil war in 1995. I went and lived in a horrible life of Kakuma Refugee Camp where I completed my primary school education on a hospital bed in 2007. Early 2009, God came to my rescue through Erin Knesek and her husband Jason from Texas, USA.  This family brought me up as one of their own.

My cousin Jacob Guot, who connected me with Erin did exactly what King Solomon (1st King 3:5, 9) did when he was ask by God on what to be offered to him, on which he chosen wisdom. Just like King Solomon, Jacob Guot didn’t ask for a car, a house or any other material thing of great value but he asked Erin to give me knowledge which she absolutely did.

To the world, Erin Knesek maybe one person but to me, she is the whole world to me. My desire to care for orphans is not because I am a rescuer but I am the rescued. What Eng. Erin and Jason did, has taught me on how to care for others and make them smile again. This family also made me understood that, the purpose of life is not only to be happy but to be useful, compassionate, and make a difference in someone life. No one has ever become poor by giving.

It is only the orphaned who can clearly describe or feel how an orphan could live in this cruel world without parents. An orphan doesn’t have a shoulder to cry on over when he/she is lonely, they know nothing of birthdays and their very survival is a great struggle. A meal for a day is what I did look for during my time of orphaned life and so does the orphans today. The typical needs of every orphan child includes; food, shelter, security, clothing, bedding, health care, education, parenting, and friendship.

My greatest desire is to extend to others the blessing given to me by God through Erin Knesek, either orphans or not. And so, my interest is to serve and protect the right of each and every child not solely orphans but as an orphan, charity begins at home. Services that SESSO would ever deliver to orphans would at a time involve the surrounding communities and every child.

Therefore, I am greatly delighted to make orphans smile again just like the above well wishers did to me.


May the Almighty God blesses each of everyone who takes their time to read this piece of mind, may God bless all the orphans around the Globe and those supporting them, and may God bless SESSO,… AMEN!!!

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