The formation of Support and Educate South Sudanese Orphans Organization (SESSO) was a result of inspiration from Mr. Gabriel Malok Maluak. He was orphaned at a tender age. Having his parents all dead, he went to Kakuma Refugee Camp where he enrolled in Kenya primary school education. Due to difficulties faced in Kakuma Refugee Camp, he left Kakuma for Uganda where he completed his secondary education. He returned to Kenya and joined Moi University where he successfully graduated with Bachelor of Science in Physiotherapy. During his education journey, Mr. Maluak could not have made it without the support of Eng. Erin Knesek, Mr Jason and Rev. Jacob Guot who made his dream come true. Having gone and seen life difficulties of orphans and with support given to him by those mentioned above, he was inspired and told himself that, the only payback he could do although not directly to Mr. Jason and Eng. Erin Knesek, is to establish an organization that will support orphans. He sold the idea to some of his friends who readily supported the idea and became members of the organization. These individuals includes: Mrs. Akuol Abijok, Mrs. Achol Achiek, Mrs. Atit Ngor, Mr Bior Samuel Mrs. Mary Agaak, Mrs. Anyieth Kuol, Mr Thiong Deng, Mrs. Alek Thon, and other members who later joined the organization.